April 2016 talk: The History of the Harbury Railway Cutting, by Luke Swain, Network Rail

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Luke Swain CGeol , Senior Asset Engineer (Geotechnics) — Network Rail:

The History of the Harbury Railway Cutting.

Since the Great Western Railway came to Harbury in Warwickshire, the geology which underlies the village, has provided its fair share of challenges to all of the infrastructure owners. First constructed in circa 1850, the original plan was to construct a tunnel but this soon proved a significant and risky task for the engineers. The solution was to opt for an alternative and to construct the deepest hand dug cutting known in Europe at this time. The most significant landslip to occur in the Network Rail era occurred on the 30th January 2014 and resulted in 400,000 tonnes of soil and rock from the Lower Jurassic period moving towards the railway. The remediation that followed has provided an interesting insight into the Geology of cutting.