Fieldwork at Home

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Fieldwork at Home

Norman Dutton and Brian Ellis have been turning their minds to the Autumn Newsletter.

As we are each missing all or most of the Summer Programme of field trips and residential courses, Norman and Brian are hoping to enlist members to help by doing a little bit at home, which will result in a short contribution for the Autumn Newsletter.

Here are three suggestions, ask yourself:

• What is geology of your house, or the ground beneath it, or in your garden?
• What is the geology of your daily walk?
• Have you a favourite specimen (rock, fossil. or mineral) or favourite geology related photograph in your collection?

You may have other inventive ideas!

You could send a photograph and a short description (not more than 250 words) of what it shows. You may remain anonymous if you wish, but a rough location would be useful.

They are not expecting to edit your contribution other than to make it fit the design of the newsletter.

Alternatively, there may be an article for the newsletter on a geological topic that you had thought of, but with lockdown, now have the time to write at last.

Do please contribute and we look forward to seeing the diversity of your contributions. A digital newsletter can be any length.

Please send them in as soon as you have written them to Brian via