Holloway Award Bursaries – record of recipients

InstitutionDescriptionValue RecipientApplication date
Birmingham UniversityExamination of the late Caledonian Ben Loyal syenite intrusion (426Ma), one of three bodies making up the Loch Loyal Syenite intrusions. £300Thomas BarrettOctober 2012
Birmingham UniversitySeasonal and spatial variation in water and sediment contamination as a result of abandoned non-coal mines in S Wales£300Rosie MackayNovember 2013
Birmingham UniversitySeasonal and spatial variation in water and sediment contamination as a result of abandoned non-coal mines in S Wales£300Neil McClureNovember 2013
Birmingham UniversityAnalysis of extrabasinal, granitic clasts from Irish glacigenic sediments of famous Port Askaig Tillite Formation and identify their original source terrain£300Marcin LatasNovember 2013
Birmingham UniversityMapping project£200Megan WithersMay 2015
Birmingham UniversityMapping project£200Sarah BainbridgeMay 2015
Birmingham UniversityMapping project£200Richard CubittMay 2015
Birmingham UniversityMapping project£200Emmanuel TurinimamaMay 2015
Birmingham UniversityMapping project£200Ellen RobsonMay 2015
University of Leicester - outreachJoint project “Geology Rocks!” - an introductory geology programme for Year 3 school students.3 x £400Rosie Haworth, and Courtney Hudson (2nd year)2015
University of Leicester - outreachPilot project “The Ediacaran Enigma: Leicestershire’s weird wonders” to develop outreach material aimed at Year 9/10 school students.£400Thomas Hearing (PhD student)2015
British GypsumOverview of the geological services in the gypsum mining industry; exploration drilling, core logging, core sampling and sample preparation, borehole location surveying, analysis, log preparation, water level measurements, old data assimilation and preparation of plans/maps.
£250Ross CollinJuly 2014
British GypsumWork experience at British Gypsum including core logging£350Chloe MitchellApril 2015
British GypsumThe work experience will involve applied geology of core logging, reserve assessment and exploration target identification£400Jenny KirkApril 2015
SibelcoTechnique of reverse air circulation in drilling£800Mike YaxleyMay 2014
SibelcoTo gain valuable insight into business processes and expanding her skill set to an industry standard level - to understand how a company works and what it means to be part of a team striving for the same goal - to understand the process of quarry development from geological assessment through to the operational phase - to gain experience of quarry techniques - including extraction and mineral processing£800Buffy Willis, 4th yr Plymouth GeologyJune 2015
Camborne School of Mines (CSoM)Mapping project - second year£200Vladimir SimovJune 2015
Camborne School of Mines (CSoM)Mapping project - second year£200Niall RichardsJune 2015
Camborne School of Mines (CSoM)Mapping project - second year£200James BaxterJune 2015
Camborne School of Mines (CSoM)Mapping project - second year£200Brandon JamesJune 2015
Camborne School of Mines (CSoM)Mapping project - second year£200Nathan JosephJune 2015
Camborne School of Mines (CSoM)School mine visits£150 Helston School, 2nd yr 12 students2015
BGS/CSoMCharacterising the fluids associated with the tungsten-bismuth critical metal association in south-west England Keyworth BGS Projects for Camborne students£750Ashley Dace May 2014
BGS/CSoMUse recently acquired G-base geochemical data from the South Devon and Tavy basins and mineral analyses of new samples in the Herodsfoot area (Liskeard High) to examine enrichment of antimony in SW England bedrock.£750Humphrey KnightMay 2015
BGS/CSoMDistinguishing hydrothermal and magmatic processes in the formation of rare earth element deposits in the Ditrau Alkaline Complex (Romania) as a case study.£750Victoria HonourMay 2015
One off bursariesThe MSc in Applied and Petroleum Micropalaeontology, B'ham University£2,500Jen Clayton
WGCG member
August 2013
One off bursariesMSc Mining Geology at Camborne School of Mines, Exeter University£2,500George Guice
WGCG Member
September 2014
One off bursariesBrandon Wall£1,000December 2014
One off donationsLapworth Museum redevelopment£10,000
SchoolsBurton Dassett visit£235EttingtonJune 2014
SchoolsBurton Dassett visitSt John'sJune 2015
SchoolsBurton Dassett visitEttingtonJune 2015
SchoolsBurton Dassett visitBarbyJune 2016
SchoolsBurton Dassett visitShrublandsJune 2016