Outreach Activities

Everyday Minerals:

There are lots of minerals around the home that we interact with on a daily basis. This interactive display aims to give visitors an opportunity to discover what minerals appear in everyday products. A fun game for all ages, matching actual minerals on show with the products they appear in. Examples of minerals on display are: Tungsten, Calcopyryte, Magnetite, Flourite, Quartz and more.

If you want to get your hands on this display and test your mineral knowledge then come and see us at a future event!

Fossil box:

Always a favourite with visitors, our fossil box has real WGCG owned samples on show. Visitors are encouraged to handle and admire our fossils ranging in age from the Cambrian to Pleistocene periods.

Why not come and see us at a future event to handle the actual fossils!

Fossil dip:

A display created for the youngest of our visitors. We hide actual fossils (ammonites, belemnites, grypheas) within a sand filled box for visitors to discover by themselves. Once found we have information cards to help educate what has been found.

Come to a future event and impress us with your fossil facts!

Downloadable resources:

Dino colouring in stencils:

A collection of dinosaur stencils used at our outreach events. Available in pdf format at A4 and A5 sizes.

Dino Stencils
Sea creatures:

A collection of sea creature stencils used at our outreach events. Available in pdf format at A4 and A5 sizes.

Sea Creature Stencils
Dinosaur A5 fact cards:

Handy A6 sized information cards covering 4 sea creatures, 6 land based dinosaurs and 2 general fact cards. Pdf format.

Dino Factsheets


7 crosswords from easy to difficult. Zip file with Pdfs inside complete with answer sheet.

Word search:

A dinosaur and geology word search.

Word search

How do fossils form?:

A single A4 pdf covering the fossilisation process in 5 simple steps.

How Fossils Form
Earth processes:

A single A4 pdf looking at what happens at the coast, in rivers or in the desert and how this can help explain how landscapes change and sedimentary rocks form.

Earth Process
Erosion process:

A single A4 pdf detailing how natural forces have the power to change our landscape by weathering, erosion and deposition. A fun diagram detailing the rock cycle.

Erosion Process

Teacher’s pack:

Containing useful information if planning a geology event at Burton Dassett Hills.

Teacher's pack