April 2019 Talk – The Geology of Norway – Senior Citizens Club

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The Geology of Norway – Chris Darmon

(Chris Darmon – editor ‘Down to Earth’ magazine & proprietor of ‘Geosupplies’) 

PLEASE NOTE – as it is Easter week, the usual church hall venue is not available, so we will be meeting at Kenilworth Senior Citizens’ Club at the top end of the main road through town, behind the Almanac restaurant. The address is Abbey End, Kenilworth CV8 1LB. There is plenty of car parking space but it will cost 50p.

The speaker will be Chris Darmon, who has for many years led geological adult education events and field trips and produces the geological newsletter / magazine Down to Earth.

Norway – land of fjords, rocks and landscapes

Norway lies to the northeast of the UK with a flight time of less than 2 hours. Whilst many British people have visited Iceland and know its geology well, Norway is a closed book, a place that we known for its fabulous fjords and ice, but rather less so for its geology.

By the time of the WGCG talk, I will just have returned from a 9-day tour of the south of the country with some 37 people. I’ll have been immersed in the Norwegian landscape for 8 field days during which time I’ll have seen a lot of Norwegian rocks. In my talk I’ll be giving you an overview of the geology concentrating on the Geo Norvegica Geopark. Get ready for some surprises such as the ancient metamorphic basement, the sedimentary rocks of the Ordovician and Silurian with their graptolites and trilobites, the Carboniferous sandstones and the igneous rocks of the Oslo rift. All this as well as the famous Larvikite and some stunning glacial scenery.