Feb 2021 Talk: “Geological Time and the Anthropocene.” by Ian Fairchild

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Geological Time and the Anthropocene by Ian Fairchild

Outline:There is little doubt that mankind’s impact on the natural environment has increased dramatically in recent decades but … are we now living in a new epoch of geological time: the Anthropocene? Concepts from Earth System Science agree with stratigraphic markers that we went outside the range of conditions of the Holocene in the last 70 years, but does the term Anthropocene belong to geologists anyway?

This presentation is in two parts.  Geological Time and the Anthropocene examines the way in which geologists establish stratigraphic golden spikes that represent particular instants in geological history, using examples throughout the record.  The particular issues from the idea of an Anthropocene Epoch are then examined. A key idea is that the Earth System is now operating outside its range of the Holocene Epoch, representing the time since the Ice Age. In the second part, we move to a scripted dialogue between the speaker and members of the audience called Introducing the Anthropocene in which different voices question the ideas surrounding the formal establishment of an Anthropocene Epoch

Ian Fairchild
Emeritus Professor, University of Birmingham and Chair, Herefordshire and Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust.

Ian Fairchild started his career as a geologist with specialism in sedimentology, but diversified into fields such as glacial geomorphology, karst science and environmental chemistry including contemporary environmental and climatic change. He is currently a member of the Anthropocene Working Group which is developing a proposal for the formal establishment of an Anthropocene Epoch as the youngest element in the geological column. Ian is Emeritus Professor at the University of Birmingham and Chair of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust.

More info on our speaker: Ian Fairchild and here is Ian’s Research Portal

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