Nov 2017 talk: Sinkholes and Subsidence by Dr. Tony Waltham

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Sinkholes and Subsidence

A talk by Dr. Tony Waltham (formerly of Nottingham Trent University)

Ground subsidence is a frequent challenge for construction engineers, and one of the greatest geohazards is created by collpase and subsidence over cavernous groun, in limestone and other soluble rocks.


Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances our proposed speaker in November – Andrew Bloodworth, speaking on “The Secret Life of your Mobile Phone” – will be unable to deliver his talk on that date.

Instead, we are fortunate to have Dr. Tony Waltham stepping into the void. Tony is an acknowledged expert in the field of Caving and Karst / Limestone Environments, and led our group on last year’s field excursion to Malham.