GeoWeek: Upton House Reveals its Secrets Hidden in the Stones – Tuesday 7 May from 11 am

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A geological tour of Upton House and gardens

On this short outdoor tour of under one hour around the house and gardens, you will get a closer look at the building stones and natural landscape of the site, in particular:

  • The abundant fossils visible within the stone
  • Evidence for conditions in the local area during Jurassic times
  • The geological history of the area since Jurassic times including the effects of recent ice ages.
  • The importance of the geology to the layout of the estate.
  • A free leaflet will be available at the end of the walk

These walks are offered free by the Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group (admission applies) and will commence hourly at 11.30 am, 12:30 pm, 2.00 pm, 3.00 pm, and 4.00 pm.
The rendezvous point is to the left of the main door in view of the shop and toilets. Entry to Upton House and Gardens is free to members of the National Trust.

What’s this rock? What’s this fossil?
There will be a small display of local geology with rocks and fossils to handle and geologists will be on hand to answer any questions and try to identify any geological specimen you may want to bring along.

Address: Upton House, Home Farm Drive, Banbury, Warwickshire, OX15 6HT
Upton House and gardens are a National Trust property. Free entry to NT members.

WGCG GeoWeek – Event Details at Upton House

More info about Upton House and Gardens

Brachiopod nest in Upton House wall

Brachiopod nest in Upton House wall

Local rock exposure at Upton House

Local rock exposure at Upton House

Local rock exposure at Upton House


Upton House

Upton House image and copyright belong to the National Trust


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GeoWeek in Warwickshire with WGCG 5-12 May 2019

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